#HAZMATsurfing ? What is Hazmat surfing?

Michael Dyrland (Photographer) – Inventor of #HazmatSurfing.

Add him on Twitter @DyrlandPro Has Started an Environmental Movement. Everyone deserves clean water.

So what is hazmat surfing?

Did you know the hazardous waste in Los Angeles has gotten so bad that people refuse to go outside and in the ocean?  Did you know the ocean is full of human feces? But even more…Did you know Los Angeles sewers leak into the streets and waters every time it rains heavily?

Poor infrastructure.

Now the citizens of L.A. are adapting and Hazmat Surfing.

This is the result of poor city planning in the last hundred years of development in California.  The city has become so populated that as the growth of waste has risen the infrastructure needs haven’t been able to keep up.  Namely, the sewage system.

California is known for its gorgeous beaches and beautiful summer months.  Like in this video below which is the most recent publication put out by LA Times.  City newspapers like LA Times are used to attract tourism.  The “Surf City” of Huntington Beach is 40 miles south of LA and hosted the 2015 Vans U.S. Open of Surfing from July 25th to August 2nd.  We know why they didn’t publish the #HAZMATsurfing pictures or story now.  This idea came to Dyrland after being told he shouldn’t go outside right after a rain or in the ocean for 3 days!  Dyrland wanted to raise awareness, and we all should do the same.  So Share This Story!

The most recent publication in the LA Times referring to Hazmat suits refers to Breaking Bad  the finale, as it debuted in L.A. No reports on #HAZMATsurfing. Of course, the LA Times reported heavily on the BP oil spill and hazardous waste on Florida’s coastlines.  No reports on hazardous waste pouring into the ocean from their own city.  The Vans U.S. Open of Surfing is expected to drive millions into California’s economy and they want the tournament to stay there.

This goes to show the agenda of government and media and how they are intertwined.  Florida is also known for it’s surfing and beach communities.  California is competing and so anything that makes others look worse than them…and you know leaving out the details like #HAZMATsurfing in California is part of the agenda.

We all know surfing can be dangerous, and many surfers seek out danger like this one below.  Imagine if that wasn’t a volcano but was a nuclear plant and this man was marking off items on his bucket list! Hopefully, we don’t let the water get that bad.  Although, Fukushima’s nuclear meltdown has added tremendous waste to the oceans and California beaches have been testing positive for nuclear waste (cesium) ever since late 2014. View the article here: “Scientist’s say, the models predict cesium levels to increase over the next two to three years” 

Jamie O’Brien  Photo: Tim McKenna -TMK-TAHITI

But this is the danger we will be facing in the future…if humans don’t clean their acts up. Watch the video and subscribe to Dyrland’s channel, he plans to be doing much more work in this area.  Support clean water.  There are many clean water movements around the world.  Drastic times require drastic measures.

HAZMAT surfing in L.A. and HAZMAT drinking in Africa.

Katie Spotz also Supports Clean Water and literally rowed across the Atlantic Ocean to prove it.  It appears as though humans treat the ocean as a dumping ground all around the world.  Spotz’ activism and fund raising went to help African villagers get clean water that has been polluted  by leaking septic systems or contaminated wells.  Oh, and Africans do not have the resources to test water, so people die from this all the time.  Read more about Africa’s water problem here.  I’m not saying donate.  Awareness is the key.  Getting everyone to care and not dumping money into organizations that simply cannot solve a global issue requiring everyone’s involvement.  Plus, many charities are frauds.  Let’s hope Katie Spotz didn’t row across the Atlantic Ocean for nothing.

Visit All About Water Filters and learn more about Africa’s water problem and the different water solutions out there.



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