Are You The Healthiest Sick Person You Know?

Are you the Healthiest Sick Person You Know?

By Christiana Pope

Are you going to your doctors with chronic fatigue symptoms, with hair loss, bald spots, weight gain or loss, extremely hot or extremely cold body temperature, anxiety or rapid heartbeats, panic attacks, depression or acne? All of these symptoms, plus many more clusters of others; could be the frontline to an outbreak of autoimmunity in America. Doctors are becoming more aware, but they haven’t nailed it down to a science and they are not treating the disease properly in most cases. It is up to you, to educate yourself thoroughly and get the correct lab work to receive a correct diagnosis. I will share one woman’s success story and you may find, a lot of similarities in yourself.

I was freezing when everyone else was warm. I hated wearing my hair up because of the bald spots on the sides. I was super thin, yet super bloated. I felt awful. My skin, which was previously shiny and clear became a dull color and I was plagued by cystic acne. My Lion’s mane reduced to a tiny ponytail the size of pencil or two. My allergies were so awful I was reacting to everything indoor and outdoor, and was dependent on antihistamines, steroid nasal sprays, and eye drops-I lost so much collagen in my face.


● The GAPS diet, which is high in nuts like almonds, was exacerbating my

copper toxicity which caused cystic acne on my skin and depleted my zinc,

preventing me from healing my skin, gut, and body.

● The parasite in my gut was guaranteeing that I would continue losing more

and more foods, no matter the diet…

● My adrenals were shot, making me feel like a basket case and causing me

to mismanage my weight (note: some people get really thin like I did, others

balloon up with adrenal issues).

● My poor liver was overwhelmed with the toxins from the parasite

What does it feel like to have thyroid


A few months ago, I asked my Facebook community of Root Cause Rebels the question you see above. Here are some of the responses…

“Confusing, exasperating, numbing, exhausting. It’s so incredibly hard on those that have it, as it is hard on those that love us. It’s hard to explain the feelings, the desperation, the weight gain, and the lack of intimacy, to those that have not experienced it first hand, it’s just hard.”

Hypersomnia and Hashimoto’s Sleep is an important part of recovering your health. Deep sleep holds the key for us to heal our bodies, while REM sleep helps us to recover our mental energy.

Lack of sleep is a huge stressor on the body and is the quickest way to adrenal dysfunction which can initiate — and perpetuate — autoimmune thyroid disease. A 2006 study found that third shift workers, who typically have disrupted sleep patterns due to the nature of their jobs, were found to be at greater risk for developing thyroid antibodies compared to daytime workers. When you have insomnia, it’s obvious that you don’t get enough sleep due to the sheer quantity of time spent sleeping. You may be surprised to learn that you’re also not getting enough sleep when you have hypersomnia, which is likely due to poor sleep quality.

The reason that our bodies need to sleep as much as they do in hypersomnia is because they are often missing the deep sleep and REM sleep. While you may be offered stimulant drugs (like I was), or you may be self-medicating with sleep, these strategies won’t solve your sleep debt…



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