Hidden Stories Behind Hurricane Matthew

Skull Of Hurricane Mathew Captured By Meteorologist

Actual image from Matt Devitt, a meteorologist for @WINKNEWS. [Follow Link]

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“Sprites” (Space Lightning) Above Hurricane Mathew

This is extremely rare and never seen at this scale in a hurricane. [Follow Link]

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Hurricane Matthew To Destroy The East Coast Of Florida

Major evacuations taking place all across the eastern seaboard as far north as the Carolina’s. [Follow Link]

Image Updated: 6:39 AM GMT on October 05, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

Recently Destroyed Haiti

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Troops Just Left Guantanamo Bay

Leaving behind the prisoners…LOL! [Follow Link]

Obama Cancelled His Trip To Florida

Where he was spending tax dollars campaigning for Hillary. [Follow Link]

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Hurricane Matthew Is Supposed To Hit Twice

I live in Florida. Wish me luck as I prepare with my family.


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