Hillary Clinton Is Going Down In Flames

Hillary thinks treason is a joke.

Hillary Clinton is a known liar! What is wrong with people these days? Why’s ignorance considered trendy?

It is hard to understand how a person with such a poor record could ever run for President. Hillary Clinton has an extensive history of corruption and dishonesty. Why, then, are there actually people who support her Candidacy for US President? What happened to integrity?

Has society declined so far that people cannot understand the importance of research? Benghazi and Fast & Furious both come to mind immediately when one thinks of Hillary Clinton. However, while these are probably some of the worst things she has done politically, there are many more things that most people have never heard of. I suggest that you use a search engine and look up the truth about your beloved Candidates before you elect them.

Hillary Clinton committed federal crimes (felonies) when using private emails for official business and attempting to delete the evidence. According to US Law, it is illegal for an official to use a private email address for official State Department business. It is also a federal crime to cover up evidence. So far, forensic experts have found over 300 emails that contain classified information. Clearly, because the information contained in those emails is important enough to classify, it must be related to official State Department business.

A few days ago Hillary made a joke about how she now uses SnapChat…  Because: the messages “disappear all on their own.” How HILLARYous.

There is a long history of criminal officials getting away with everything they do worldwide. Will anything ever change? Or do we live in a neo-Feudal Monarchy where officials are elected by uneducated masses who believe known liars? Only time will tell, but so far, it doesn’t look good for humanity.



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