Hillary Clinton Puts Another Nail in Her Coffin

By Lestado Codicus

Hillary Clinton is going down in flames again… How will she pull out of this dive?

I am against Political Parties. Personally, I believe they divide people over issues that should be ignored and allow the rich to continue their criminal activities unhindered and unnoticed. Labeling people puts a list of stereotypes upon their heads and you are making nothing but assumptions… You know what they say about making assumptions?

With all that said, I will now point out that the leaders of the Democratic Party are total scumbags who manipulate their well-meaning voters through fear and emotion. I don’t like the Republican leaders either but this article is not about them. As Americans we should all respect the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Without them, we would still be living under the thumbs of royals and lords.

Hillary Clinton does not respect the Bill of Rights. She wants to be Queen.

Hillary actually said that she supports an outright repeal of the 2nd Amendment and a door to door confiscation. This treacherous woman is responsible for THOUSANDS of deaths (Operation Fast And Furious), sharing classified information for personal gains, and now says she would repeal our Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights. Obama was also quoted suggesting the same thing just weeks ago and then threatened to use Executive action to do it without the approval of Congress.

What does that say about their supporters? Maybe they just don’t know what’s happening? Maybe they never learned any history at all? Do they even care what happens to our freedom? Do they not realize what the Democratic leaders are up to? How can you continue to support people who openly go against everything America stands for?

Our forefathers fought a Revolution over oppressive government before and they’re crazy if they think they could pull off their insane theoretical plans without another 1776 bringing Hillary & all her pals down in flames. It is in our blood to be Revolutionaries. According to recent studies, over 75% of Americans are awake to the corruption in their Government. Are Hillary & Obama afraid that the “Sleeping Giant” is waking? They should be. Prison is a scary place for politicians.





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