Pre #Debate Bombshell: Hillary’s Child Rape Will End Her Campaign (VIDEOS)

Hillary Clinton’s Child Rape Has Been Covered Up, Not Anymore

Hillary Clinton’s child rape of Cathy Obrien needs to be spread to everyone.  Get this story out everywhere!  It ends here!

Hillary Clinton’s child rape described in Cathy Obrien’s book, ”Trance Formation of America” (Warning Graphic)

Cathy Obrien – The Most Dangerous Game – WARNING this is very graphic, do not watch the medical exam if you do not want to see Cathy’s genital carving.  This medical exam backs up everything Cathy said in her book.  YES, it’s REAL!

VERY GRAPHIC VIDEO FULL HOUR LONG STORY BELOW (Cathy starts speaking at 37 minute mark)

Cathy Obrien: Ex Illuminati Mind Control Victim!  Cathy was raped by Hillary Clinton as Child!

Hillary Clinton’s Child Rape Sex Scandals and Government Coverups!


MK Ultra Exposed by Victim Cathy Obrien – Part 1


MK Ultra Exposed by Victim Cathy Obrien – Part 2


Hillary Clinton Took Me Through Hell Says 12 year old Rape Victim


Details on Hillary Clinton’s Child Rape of a child PLUS Mind Blowing List of New World Order members by Cathy Obrien!

Cathy Obrien describes her sexual assault perpetrated in her book, “Trance Formation of America” at Siss Villa – Lampe Missouri, 1983

“Hillary Clinton is the only female to become sexually aroused at the sight of my mutilated …”

US Intelligence Told Stew, This Story Is Causing Chaos Now!  Help It Go Viral!

Note: Do not go to the source  video or linked article if you are easily offended as it is very graphic!  But since Hillary Clinton wants to take our guns, put us all in FEMA camps and destroy what’s left of our country, the story must go viral now!!!  Stew Webb is asking all patriots to link and SHARE this story!

Read Cathy’s book and send the information to Donald Trump so he can talk to Cathy!  Send it to Roger Stone and all other legitimate alternative media outlets who won’t censor the story destined to bring down Hillary and the new world order in Washington!


Source: Details on Hillary Clinton Rape of a child PLUS Mind Blowing List of New World Order members by Cathy Obrien!

Always remember to SHARE important information! We can change the world.

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