Hillary Supporter Gets Mauled By Foaming At The Mouth Bernie Supporters

The Heat Is On…

Simply put, the Bernie movement is outraged at Hillary for stealing the election and millions of Sanders fans won’t vote for her, as these videos show.

That’s why the DNC and the mainstream media are working overtime to push a false narrative that Hillary has more support than she actually does.

For one thing, the DNC is replacing Sanders supporters with paid seat fillers inside the DNC arena to create a fake image of “unity,” according to a Sanders delegate.

“Every seat in the house is full – so those seat fillers you guys were hearing about? It’s real, they’re in here now,” he said.

The delegate also said the seat fillers were people he didn’t know and hadn’t seen at the convention previously – and their arrival coincided with the media narrative that the DNC is now united behind Hillary.

Similarly, Bernie activists accused Project Veritas of also being actors paid by the Hillary campaign, which wasn’t a stretch considering the rarity of bonafide Hillary supporters in public.

Infowars also discovered there were far more people present at the Michelle Obama speech that preceded the Sanders speech on Monday, with people leaving as Sanders took the stage.

That gives more validity to the delegate’s statement because Sanders was the most popular Democrat throughout his entire presidential campaign, far surpassing the influence of President Obama, much less the First Lady.

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