Russia Unveils “Satan 2” Super Nuke! Terrifying!


A nuclear missile, powerful enough to wipe out an area twice the size of Britain, has been revealed as Russia’s newest – and largest ever – weapon.

And it looks absolutely terrifying.

It was no secret that Vladimir Putin was seeking to replace his deadly arsenal of SS-18 weapons, branded ‘the Satan’.

However the power of the new RS-28 missile, Satan 2, could in fact wipe out an area the size of France.

It is believed to have a top speed of four and a half miles a second.

Russia unveils new 'super nuke' the Satan II

The first images of the super-nuke were revealed today by Kremlin engineers.

Satan 2, which is currently undergoing tests near Miass, is set to be rolled out by 2018.(METRO)

Amidst World War 3 Threats Russia Unveils Largest Weapon Ever Seen On Earth

The Satan 2 is undergoing tests in the moments near Miass, and upon completion its devastating power could bath a whole country in nuclear fire.

Packed with either 10 heavy nuclear warheads, or 16 smaller ones, images of the missile were revealed online by the chief designers from the Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau.

Experts have warned Russia’s nuclear power makes the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki looking like “popguns” – with Putin’s arsenal having the power to “wipe out in the East Coast” with nukes on the dawn of World War 3.

Moscow claims terrifying weapon can dodge radar defences and bring destruction to an area the size of ‘Texas or France’
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