Homeless Man Ceola Waddell Jr’s Personal ‘paradise’ in Freeway Underpass Goes Viral

A homeless man who turned a freeway underpass into his personal paradise by furnishing it with a make-shift jacuzzi and four-poster bed has become a viral hit and unlikely tourist attraction.

Ceola Waddell Jr, 59, began living in the underpass in L.A.’s  110 freeway near Coliseum six months ago.

He has since foraged two porcelain toilets, discarded refrigerators, couches and two beds to transform the space into his personal refuge.

Despite becoming a viral hit thanks to a Facebook video of his dwellings, Waddell Jr faces having it all torn down by city officials.

They say the site is dangerous and that Waddell Jr has turned down their offers for help.

Full story: Homeless man Ceola Waddell Jr’s personal ‘paradise’ in freeway underpass goes viral | Daily Mail Online

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