House Intel Committee Slams Snowden: Not a whistleblower

House Intel Committee Says Snowden is “Not a Whistleblower”.

NSA contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden was condemned as a liar Thursday in a new report issued by the House intelligence committee. 

  • House intelligence committee 36-page report: Snowden ”caused tremendous damage”, “not a whistleblower.”
  • Claim: Snowden lied about his background and feuded with co-workers.
  • “Was and remains a serial exaggerator and fabricator.”
  • Was an entry-level computer technician, not “senior advisor” for the CIA.
  • “Stole 1.5 million sensitive documents.”
  • Ben Wizner, American Civil Liberties Union Attorney representing Snowden: Report’s release, day before the Snowden film opens, “is evidence that people in the intelligence community are taking us seriously, that they are concerned that Oliver Stone’s movie will help solidify Snowden’s image as a true patriot, which he is.”

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) A U.S congressional intelligence committee on Thursday issued a scathing report accusing former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden of leaking information that “caused tremendous damage” to U.S. national security, lying about his background and feuding with co-workers.

In a report endorsed by both its Republican and Democratic leaders, the House intelligence committee said Snowden was “not a whistleblower” as he has claimed.

Most of the material he stole from the NSA was not about invasions of privacy, but revealed intelligence and defense programs of great interest to America’s foreign adversaries, it said.

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