How the Media’s enslaving us with Lies

By Lestado Codicus | November 10, 2015

The MSM is pushing racial division because they are afraid of Unity

Why are we hearing about racism constantly?

Racism certainly exists. However, it is usually reserved to a select few bigots who have not changed with the times. The days of the Civil Rights Movement has passed… because everyone has EQUAL RIGHTS today. That is why the leaders of the REAL Civil Rights Movement stopped protesting back in the 70s.

Now there is a new uprising of divisive “Civil Rights Activists” who have no idea what oppression really is. Why don’t we ask the people of Selma what oppression is? Have you ever experienced ANYTHING like that in the modern America? The Black Lives Matter movement rose up to champion people like Mike Brown (who was clearly in the wrong) and ignore TRUE victims of Police like Eric Garner. They were funded by George Soros (a former Nazi Collaborator) to stir up racial division and discredit ANY protests against the corrupt system we live in. The problem today is NOT RACE. Our dilemma is unchecked corruption throughout every facet of our government. From Politicians to Judges and Police; there is corruption as far as you can see.


How the US Government Killed a Revolution

So why is the media pushing racism like we are back in the 60s? Is it because they have redefined racism to mean something completely abstract? Is it because they want to generate anger and outrage over issues that do not exist? Police are getting away with murder every day and, instead of solving the problem, these so called “Civil Rights Activists” are focusing on exactly what the system wants them to. It is like watching a Magician perform a trick. They do sleight of hand to make you look where they want. But if you look where they don’t want you to look you will see their secrets right in front of you.

Just 2 days ago I wrote about an officer who EXECUTED a man in his own backyard. Lisa Mearkle shot a man TWICE in the back as he lay on the ground being tased. She is still a cop, and was acquitted by a Grand Jury, despite the clear video evidence that she shot a man for no reason. Her victim was WHITE and so is she. Again I will emphasize that it was not race that caused the murder; it was the fact that Police get away with murder every day and Juries actually go along with it.

Take a closer look at the so called “news” and you will see exactly what is going on. Peek behind the curtain of racism because that is what they don’t want you to see. There is a reason that Starbucks is promoting Red Cups and “talking to every customer about racism.” There is a reason that the President of Missouri University was forced to resign over made up race issues. There is a reason that video of a girl throwing a temper tantrum at Yale University is being covered by the MSM. They want you to focus on contrived racism and ignore the corruption that is enslaving EVERYONE in America.

Martin Luther King Jr. would be disgusted by this so called “movement” of rioters and insanity. Just take a look at how that MASTER of Activism handled Civil Rights. If you truly want a change, follow in his footsteps. There is a reason that he was successful. That is why the US Government had him assassinated. Mr. King did not believe that to end oppression you must bully and oppress others. That is extremely hypocritical. Victory will be found through peace and strong will. There is a big difference between making yourself heard and making someone do what you say.

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