How to Stop the NSA from Tapping your Phone!

To stop the NSA from tapping your phone you will need to do three things.

1. Protect Your Phone Number
2. Protect Your Phones IP Address
3. Encrypt Your Phone Calls and Messages (Communications Data)

Hiding Your Phone Number

*67 Does Nothing For You

*67 Blocks Caller ID and your number is still exposed to your carrier and the NSA or police. This is not a viable option! But if you only want the person you are calling not to know your phone number then this will work. Then again, if that person wants to know who called bad enough, the information is available.

Create an Anonymous Phone Number

Google Voice

Using Google Voice as a phone number replacement securely produces a different phone number to the carrier you are calling. For example, if your phone number is 555-555-5555 and you sign up for a Google Voice phone number (using your real number) the person you call will only have access to the Google phone number. This service is free but Google still has access to your phone number and of course what calls were made to whom and for how long, etc…(meta data). These phone calls can also be traced back to the device used if your IP address is not hidden. Remember, you can create a gmail account anonymously with false data, although you do need a working phone number (any phone number will do) to qualify for a free Google voice phone number.

Remember Google is always spying in it’s users. Read this article about Google if you want to know How to Stop Google from Spying on You.


Using Skype to create an anonymous phone number will work if you use an anonymous email to create your Skype phone number.  Remember, Skype works closely with Microsoft who is always spying on it’s users. Read this article about Windows 10 if you want to know How to Stop Windows 10 from Spying on You.

Buy a Sim Card with Cash

Using a Sim Card that was purchased with cash and has no person associated with the purchase is another option. This of course is not a free option, but it works. Whenever you’d like to use an anonymous phone number, just remove your original Sim Card and insert the Sim bought anonymously.

Protecting your Phones IP Address and Encrypting your Traffic

Download these three apps: Orbot, Orwall & Orweb (Android) – Most secure mobile communications.

Download the Onion Browser (IOS – Apple Products) – Newer and not as secure.

Read this article on How to Stop the NSA from Spying on You and learn about these apps and why they are important.

Stop the NSA Phone Tapping Prism Proof Your Phone


Use Signal to make free calls anonymously and securely. Download Signal.

Open Whisper System maintains Signal on Github. Signal recently acquired Redphone which was the Android communications encryption app.

Signal makes private communication simple. Free, world-wide, end-to-end encryption for your calls and messages, securing your conversations so that nobody can listen in. Corporations and governments collect this data, sell this data, and use it to extort and exploit people worldwide.

Signal uses your normal phone number to make and receive calls, so you don’t need yet another identifier. Signal calls are encrypted end-to-end, but function just like you’re used to. Signal will automatically ask you to replace your default text messaging service, once installed, do this. Also use Signal to make phone calls. Your contact list will synchronize in the Signal app and you can use it for everything, including sending a mass text to your contacts informing them about Signal!

Signal will Not Stop the NSA from Tapping Your Phone Calls

Signal is not designed to prevent meta-information capture. That is what the onion network does for you. Using Orfox or Orweb to surf the web and using Orbot and Orwall to protect your apps and data. Without all of these tools it still is possible for someone monitoring to figure out who you are talking to and how long you talked since no onion routing or similar system is implemented Signal. However, it should protect the security of the contents of your communication since the encryption keys are unknown by anyone listening in and there are not known vulnerabilities that would allow the encryption to be cracked. In other words Signal protects what is said on the phone or sent and received. Using Signal with Orbot and Orwall to make calls will add that extra layer of privacy. If someone were to trace the phone number you called, they could see a call was received but where it came from and from whom would be unknown. If you have an anonymous phone number obtained through purchasing a Sim Card with cash, then you are completely secure and your communications are 100% anonymous and untrackable.

Your provider also isn’t able to know who you’re talking to. They could figure out how long the conversation was, but they’re not able to know the recipient or the content. Only Signal themselves can know who you’re calling, or who your “anonymous phone number is calling”.

If you use public Wi-Fi, there is no provider or carrier that has a clue who you are. Just that someone with an anonymous phone number made a call through the onion network. Signal will also have no clue who made the call or where it came from.

You need all of the tools in this article

If you want to stop the NSA from spying on you completely. Make sure you download Orbot, Orwall, Orfox and use Signal to make calls, send texts and multimedia. If you use Apple products use the Onion Browser with Signal and this is the best combination currently on the market for you.

Your phone will still have evidence of the calls you have made.

If you want your data on your phone to be completely secure read this article on How to Encrypt your Phone. There is more to encrypting your phone than meets the eye. You need to read this.

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