How to Stop Windows 10 From Spying on You

Windows 10 is Spyware

This operating system comes with several programs that track everything you do and sends the information through the internet. The Real Strategy reported on this when Windows 10 first released. Read the article “Downloading Windows 10 Basically Installs Spyware”. If you care about your privacy or anonymity you will have to make some changes to your daily computer operations. There are several options.

One option is to remove Windows completely and install Tails

If you would like to learn more about Tails and what this operating system can do for you read the article “How To Stop Google From Spying on You”. There is much more information in that article about safe internet browsing and limiting your exposure while on the web.

If you have Windows 10 and want to keep it.

But…you want your information private and don’t want Windows spying on you

You must first understand Windows will always be tracking your data unless you tell Microsoft not to. The most unsecure form of tracking and breech of privacy is keylogging, which Windows 10 comes with. This means Windows is tracking every keystroke you make.

Turn off Keylogging on Windows
1. Start
2. Settings
3. Privacy
4. General
5. Turn “Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future” off

Turn off Windows Keylogger

Turn off Cortana
1. Start
2. Settings
3. Privacy
4. Speech, Inking and Typing
5. Click “Stop Getting to Know Me”
6. Click “Turn off”

Turn off Windows Speech Tracker

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