Police Knock Harmless Woman Unconcious

After filming a police officer clothesline his friend’s mother, a teenager is arrested for “obstruction of justice”. Is justice a codename for police getting away with crimes like this?

angry-cop2 - CopyThese days it seems as though occurrences like this are commonplace. The USA has been conditioned to accept this and say nothing when officers aren’t held to the same standards of the law as civilians. It is a cliche to talk about a police officer getting away with everything they do. That is how “normal” it has become.

Until there is a louder public outcry over this, nothing will ever be done. Small groups of isolated movements have been created like #BlackLivesMatter. While Black people are statistically targeted more by police, it is important to realize that everyone who is not a police officer is a potential victim of police injustice.

The #AllLivesMatter movement is also a small and isolated group who want the same thing as #BlackLivesMatter; an end to police corruption. However, some people have allowed a racial division over an issue that affects all races in the USA. If The People were ever to drop the divisive labels and just see each other as people, our unification would begin and the corruption would start to decline.

For humanities sake, lets come together and force them to hear us. I say, #HumanityMatters.




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