How the US Government Stopped a Revolution

The US Government killed the Revolution before it got started.

Killing the Revolution
Police Brutality in America

Police brutality is nothing new in America. Recently, however, activists have been bringing attention to this problem. After decades of abuse by police, America was beginning to wake up to this crisis; united as one. A movement that went by “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” began. Then, the CIA used George Soros to create the Black Lives Matter movement; successfully destroying the revolution that was just starting to accelerate against the Police State.

Black Lives Matter is just manipulation through the Divide & Conquer tactic?

That’s right! George Soros actually HIRED the head protestors of the Black Lives Matter movement. When the hashtag #CutTheCheck was created by these very people to protest a lapse in pay, the truth came to light. Their leadership is who incited the Black Lives Matter movement to riot and loot instead of following in the successful footsteps of men like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Instead of well-spoken Black Leaders, we see provocateurs like “Sunshine” calling for White Genocide. Mainstream Media outlets focus on individuals like Sunshine and, in turn, has discredited the entire movement against the police state and divided the nation over race. All Americans are in danger because the police state is out of control.
This is how we are going to end the Police State and fix our nation.


Watch “Sunshine” discredit the movement against police corruption and stir up more racial division in America with her hateful rhetoric.




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