Ice Bucket Challenge Just Changed The World

The Ice Bucket Challenge Unified the World

The people came together for a cause and changed the world. ALS stands for “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis” and also goes by the name Lou Gehrig’s Disease. This horrible disease has haunted thousands of people for centuries. ALS is incredibly progressive and sometimes fatal but eventually paralyzes all of its victims. That is, until now. Science has discovered some breakthrough information and this discovery will change the future for all ALS patients very soon.

The Ice Bucket challenge started by Pete Frates who has ALS and went viral on YouTube do to the unique courage of the challenge and amazing cause. Over 220 million was raised during the months this challenge spread across the world. That money went to research teams around the world who study ALS, hoping to find a cure.

Pete FratesAbout a year later, the money used to fund the research paid off. A team of researchers at “Johns Hopkins” discovered a breakthrough which may lead to a complete cure. There is a protein called TDP-43 which is the root cause of the disease. Jonathan Ling a young researcher under Professor Philip Wong made the breakthrough during an experiment on mice. The data is published and as trials progress, human clinical trials will be next.

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This is only one small example of how the world can unite and solve problems together.

This amazing ALS breakthrough came extremely quick due to the massive amount of global unity for the cause. This is the Global Revolution! Billions of dollars are sucked through medical research grant programs every year; taxpayer dollars going to institutions with the “best” programs. How much of that money is wasted and invested to study things that don’t even matter, like making a tomato taste better for example. More unity through small things like the Ice Bucket Challenge will create the world we all truly want to live in. It can be the smallest thing that changes the world forever. Pete Frates was diagnosed with ALS in 2012, about a year later at a Boston Redsox game Pete took the first Ice Bucket and challenged the world to improve. August of 2015 the research paid off. Look what society has accomplished because of this one amazing event. It is truly Amazing. This is how life was meant to be.



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