ICE Official Admits Not Deporting Illegals – Because of Obama

ICE Not Deporting Criminal Immigrants Because of Obama’s Policies

Thomas Homan is the Executive Associate Director for Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) for ICE, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. His job, as it is currently being directed and defined by the corrupt Obama regime under the criminal DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, is one in which his level of success is measured by the magnitude of his failures. The more illegals that are able to remain in the country and evade deportation or eventually avoid enforcement efforts altogether the better his performance is viewed by the anti-American administration. Failure to perform is the furtherance of anti-American policies, which is the Obama metric of achievement.

Senator Jeff Sessions has a different view of success which includes enforcing America’s laws and deporting those who are in the country illegally. Sessions notes the decrease in deportation from the interior of the US between 2012 and 2015. He quoted the statistics that show funding for ICE has gone up while the number of deportations has gone down to 62% of the 2012 level. Funding during that time rose by $.65 billion to $3.4 billion.

During Senate hearings into the lawless abuse of their office by DHS under Obama, Senator Sessions asked, “Can you explain, Mr. Homan, how the numbers have dropped so significantly when you have a 25 percent increase in your budget?”

Homan tried to offer a serving of baloney to Senator Sessions, saying, “Our job is tougher today than it was back in FY12 for various reasons,” citing one of those as the “Trust Act” which limits the ability of local law enforcement to hold illegals in jail. He also mentioned sanctuary cities. Sessions didn’t bite, recognizing that there is a lack of will on the part of DHS to do their jobs.

Source: ICE Official Admits Not Deporting Illegals – Because Obama Said So | RickWells.US

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