Influential Supporters Slam Trump After He Breaks Promises, Attacks Syria

By Jeff Paul

After a very murky report of a sarin gas incident on McCain’s mercenaries in Syria, all of a sudden Trump supports regime change and, with Hillary Clinton’s recommendation, launches a missile attack on Assad’s government. Influential Trump supporters feel betrayed and slam the decision.

In the video below, veteran and Trump supporter Angelo John Gage expresses his disgust over the Syria missile attack directly to Trump on Twitter. This sentiment seems to be growing among Trump supporters who believed his promises to stop foreign interventions and focus on re-building America.

Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars also stated last evening “I’m officially OFF the Trump train.” after the illegal strikes against the Syrian government.

Watson must’ve got a call from upstairs because he walked back his rhetoric this morning, accusing the “fake news” misunderstanding him.

Even Stefan Molyneux managed to get in some blows against Trump. Molyneux says attacking Syria is a huge mistake.

Welcome back to reality fellas.

But perhaps Trump is his own best critic in previous tweets to Obama about Syria:

Jeff Paul writes for Activist Post where this article first appeared. He is also the co-editor for Counter Markets agorist newsletter.

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