Introducing “The People First Social Network”

Tired of Social Media Censorship from Facebook and Twitter? Welcome to the best new social media platform.

The future of social media is in GAB. Several new platforms are rising now that Twitter and Facebook have begun a purge of conservative influencers. However, none are rising faster than! Keep reading and find out what I mean.

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Introducing : The People First Social Network

What is Gab?

gab ɡab/ informal verb

talk, typically at length, about trivial matters.


Gab is a people first social network

  • -Users can post “Gabs,” which have a 300 character limit
  • -Users can follow other Gabbers and be followed back
  • -Users can upvote or downvote Gabs
  • -Top Gabs are ranked based on these votes
  • -Gabs are also displayed in a chronological home feed, something that is no longer a default option on other social channels

Anyone who is searching for a space to communicate freely online is welcome on Gab.

We aren’t out to build an echo-chamber, but would rather welcome and embrace open, honest, and authentic discourse on the Internet.

So how is Gab different from X, Y, and Z social networks?

“The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen.” — Tommy Smothers

  1. Gab will empower users to self-censor and remove unwanted followers, words, phrases, and topics they don’t want to see in their feeds. Self-censorship is the only true form of individual liberty and free speech online in an era of corporate-sponsored, politically manipulated, and ever-changing algorithms that are driving our social feeds.
  2. Gab will offer a premium ad-free subscription option for those who want to opt-out of ads completely. This is something AdBlockers might not be able to help out with for much longer.
  3. Gab will use artificial intelligence to help surface breaking news and trending gabs, offer on-demand information resources to users through Gab chatbots, and flag NSFW content for review.
  4. Gab will offer users the ability to reward content creators. In other words: we want to help you monetize the content you work hard to create. 
  5. Gab will offer a secure direct message system for private communication.
  6. Gab will give users the ability to create ephemeral Gabs that disappear after a set time period.
  7. Gab will offer a developer-friendly API and pledges to work closely with the developer community from day one.
  8. Gab will open source the “trending” system that we put into place. This way the community can transparently see how Gabs/hashtags are trending, why, and work together to improve the trend system as the community grows.

What do you mean by “People First?”

People who use Gab will have the tools they need to customize their feed experience, monetize their content, and speak freely without fear of being suspended for some arbitrary unknown reason. Third-party developers will have the transparency and respect they deserve from a social network. They will also have pride in the product and community they are contributing to.

How can I sign up?

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