Is Trump Flipping on Wikileaks Too?

By Chris Rossini

If you’re going to flip your positions, at least spread it out.

Entertain us for awhile. 

No, not President Trump. 

He’s flipping his positions so fast, that it’s getting hard to keep up:

– The warmongers and deep state are now happy as militarism continues to run wild across the globe.
– Obamacare is still draining the very life out of us, and Trump was furious with the congressmen that actually wanted to abolish it!
– Trump’s former antagonism towards The Fed has disappeared.
– The “swamp” hasn’t been touched. 
– Trump’s travel expenses make Obama look like a penny-pincher with our tax dollars.
– NATO (which absolutely is obsolete) is no longer obsolete in the president’s eyes.

And now, Trump appears to be flipping on Wikileaks?

​Can this be true?

What happened to this?

It’s all unravelling so quickly.

We haven’t even hit the 100 day mark yet.

How sad that the following tweet actually holds water:

Always remember to SHARE important information! We can change the world.

Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Tyranny Rising.