ISIS Preparing More Attacks on the West

By Lestado Codicus | November 21, 2015

Leaders of ISIS preparing more attacks on the west.

New message on YouTube sent to extremists in UK telling them to remain hidden and wait for the signal to attack.

We have been warning everyone for months that ISIS created the migration crisis to infiltrate Europe and North America. We have also warned that there is a verse in the Quran that gives them explicit instructions on how to do this. As soon as the West lets down their guard, ISIS is going to strike and “slaughter them brutally”.

Alert: The World Caliphate is Rising

ISIS Preparing More Attacks on the West

In the last few weeks: ISIS has threatened to strike at Washington D.C., marched in Germany with BLACK FLAGS and invaded the EU through a means of deception. While there are real refugees running from ISIS, there are also MILLIONS of military aged terrorists among them.

ISIS Marches in GERMANY!


ISIS is following a plan.

We did not make this up. It is right out of the Quran. If you do not get prepared for terror attacks in your safe space then you will be caught off guard and probably die. Paris was just the beginning. These are a new breed of terrorists. They are not trying to stir up fear, they are trying to take over the world. This is not the old Al-Qaeda.

I am not writing this to fear monger. I know that it seems that way. I genuinely care for everyone and hope that people are prepared. While the PC Police are busy telling you to let the migrants in and take care of them, I am going to tell you that you better watch your asses.

I don’t hate migrants and I seriously want to help them. They are Christians and non extremist Muslims who are fleeing the U.S. constructed ISIS. If they knew that the people they were running from were actually among them, I’m pretty sure they would panic too. The only way to protect the world is to be prepared for the worst.

Obama is trying to ship in 100,000 more refugees a year.

You may remember that the US had a border crisis before the EU… Do you think they aren’t already here? Remain vigilant. Live your lives but don’t become complacent. You may not want to be in this fight but you don’t have a choice. ISIS will not stop until they are dead or YOU are. ISIS is not Muslim, they are Wahhabis and they only want blood. Peace is not part of their vocabulary.

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