ISIS Using Chemical Weapons In Iraq


CIA believes ISIS using Chemical Weapons in Iraq

The Pentagon believes that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has used chemical weapons in Iraq, a Defense Department official confirmed to CBS News Thursday.

The official told CBS News that the Pentagon has deemed credible reports that ISIS launched a “crude attack using chemical weapons” against Kurdish fighters.

A German Defense Ministry statement on Thursday said some 60 Kurdish fighters suffered from breathing difficulties as a result of the attack. It says none of the German soldiers training the Kurds in the area 37 miles southwest of the city of Irbil were hurt or in danger.

Kurdish security official Hiwa Qaraji told The Associated Press that ISIS militants attacked the Kurdish forces, known as peshmerga, near the town of Makhmour late Wednesday, wounding four. They continue to emphasize that ISIS using chemical weapons.

Neither Kurdish nor German officials would specify the type of chemical weapons that may have been used in the attack or provide further details.



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