ISIS Using Hobby Drones In Kamikaze Style Warfare

Your average drone just became the latest addition to ISIS’ weapons cache.

Militants linked to the Islamic State (IS) used an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) rigged with explosives to attack and injure French special forces and kill Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq, it was reported on 11 October.

According to Le Monde and a number of other high profile western media outlets, two soldiers from France’s elite CPA 10 para-commando unit were seriously injured in the attack, which took place near the city of Irbil on 2 October, while two Kurdish Peshmerga fighters were killed.

The French government has not commented on the incident which, it was reported, saw the two CPA 10 para-commandos medically evacuated back to France for treatment. One of the two is said to be in a critical condition.

Le Monde noted that the UAV had been intercepted by the French and Kurdish forces, and that it exploded when it hit the ground (the size and nature of the UAV was not revealed).


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