ISIS/Taliban Co-op Seize High Tech U.S. Military Weapons Cache

Among the weapons are a rocket launcher, machine gun and a number of grenades. There are also plenty of 5.56mm and 7.62mm rifle rounds intended for sniper rifles and M240 machine guns. The list further includes flak jackets, eye goggles, various body padding, tourniquets and other medical supplies.
Islamic State terrorists say they have gotten their hands on a variety of US weapons and sensitive radio equipment in Afghanistan following recent battlefield victories. They also posted pictures of documents, photographs and US ID cards online.

The weaponry allegedly belonged to American soldiers, but none were captured in the area at the time, according to the Military Times publication.

The original source of the photographs is Islamic State’s (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) Amaq new agency. They were first circulated by the SITE Intelligence Group, which alleged that they had been taken in Nangarhar province.

Nangarhar has become a volatile region of Afghanistan overrun with IS militants – about 1,000-1,500 of them, according to the US. Most are actually believed to be former Taliban who had previously fled Pakistan.

American special operations troops are in the area to help Afghan government troops reclaim territory lost to the terrorists.

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