James Comey, FBI Director, Lies about Clinton then has Freudian Slip (VIDEO)

FBI Director James Comey says Hillary didn’t know any better.

Then he says she definitely did. Nothing like contradicting yourself.

In a Freudian slip the FBI Director, James Comey, told us the truth! He tried to lie like he was told to, but he accidentally contradicted himself a minute later.

If Hillary Clinton mislabeled classified materials and KNOWINGLY shared classified materials over a PRIVATE email server she BROKE THE LAW. But, if you have enough dirt on the AG, you can pay her a “visit” like Bill did and she will do whatever you want. Even tell the FBI to back off so the criminal can finish her bid to destroy America.

We need to rise up and call for the resignation of every criminal involved in this cover up. James Comey, Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton all should go to PRISON for conspiracy to commit HIGH TREASON against the American people.

If you don’t already know what a recall election is, you need to find out. It is going to be the key to winning our country back.

Red State reports:

Most of the conservative blogosphere is bashing the FBI right now for not recommending charges against Hillary Clinton, and there’s definitely some fairness in that complaint. Obviously, what Clinton did was a good deal more reckless than what Scooter Libby or any number of other people have done. Nonetheless, there was never any real chance that Clinton would face criminal prosecution because the DOJ is still controlled by Obama, who has endorsed Clinton for President. And yes, that is evidence of a corrupt system.

It’s especially galling when Comey basically spent 10 minutes carefully explaining how Hillary Clinton did, in fact, violate the law with respect to the storage and transfer of classified material, but that he wasn’t recommending criminal charges anyway. I have no doubt in my mind after watching this press conference that he was specifically ordered not to recommend charges. However, I DO think that he decided to make life as difficult as possible for Clinton on the way out the door.

Here he is explaining how the basic crux of Republicans’ complaint about Clinton’s behavior with respect to the server was absolutely correct:

Source: FBI Director James Comey Confirmed that Everything Republicans Have Been Saying about Hillary’s Email is True (VIDEO) | RedState

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