James Comey Openly Admits Made Exception Only For Clinton

James Comey Made Exception for Clinton ONLY

Comey Claims no precedents set for normal people

In this shocking video of a Congressional Hearing, James Comey FBI Director, openly admits he made exception for Hillary Clinton. Comey clearly states in this video that anyone else would not get away with treason. Only Hillary Clinton.

Watch for yourself.

No Precedents for anyone who isn’t running for President. Exception for Hillary Clinton only!

The law doesn’t matter when you are in control of the justice department. Thanks to Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton seems to have complete immunity to any consequences to her actions. Not even HIGH TREASON.

A brief message to the “justice” Department:  Do your jobs or you will force The People to take action. You really don’t want that.

Source: https://youtu.be/T119FRJRnyU?list=PLxvWrIg72Ok4OGzyM2NEBiwSPuQCr2tjp

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