Jamilah Lemieux: It’s Not Hateful To Kill White People

Jamilah Lemieux says it’s not hateful to kill Whites

Ebony Magazine’s Editor Jamilah Lemieux is trying to continue the narrative that black people cannot be racist. This kind of brainwashing propaganda is making them the most racist group  in the world.

Imagine an article saying the reverse… It’s okay if white people kill black people; its not hateful. Jamilah Lemieux has lost her mind. EBONY Magazine has already had to apologize for her racist behavior before. Maybe they should just fire her.

This is what you would expect to hear from white klan members in the 50’s. Just exchange black and white and you have what’s going on now. That even includes segregation. Yes, the idiots falling for Black Lives Matter are even bringing back segregation.

What is a hate crime anyways?

Lets keep it real, “hate crime” is just an excuse to add extra jail time whenever a minority happens to be the victim of a white person’s crime (yes, even when the criminal wasn’t actually racist). “Hate crime” is a term created with the sole purpose of causing people to accept that white people are inherently racist at birth. In other words, it is white persecution.

If a white man dares to commit a crime against someone considered a minority everyone screams “hate crime” and “racism”. When a black man who claims he “hates all white people” goes on a killing spree and kills 5 white people out of HATE, they tell us not to call it a “hate crime”. Only the race baiters can use that term.

Well I say the MSM can shove their brainwashing bullshit back where it came from.

All crimes committed with the intention to hurt others are HATE CRIMES.

Daily Caller reports:

On Wednesday, Ebony Magazine’s Jamilah Lemieux criticized the use of the phrase “hate crime” in association with the five white Dallas police officers who were killed claiming that using the phrase with a “majority group… gets into very tricky territory.”

Jamilah Lemieux, Screen Grab CNN, 7-13-2016
Racist idiot Jamilah Lemieux

Appearing on “CNN Newsroom” with guest host Ana Cabrera, Lemieux said, “I have to say, I would not describe hate crime as the most comfortable word choice, considering these circumstances. There’s so much that we do not know about what took place, what motivated this person. We only have the one account of law enforcement. We haven’t had the opportunity to really look into his history in a meaningful way.”

(VIDEO: DHS Secretary: ‘It’s Still Relatively Early’ To Call Dallas Attack A Hate Crime)


Source: Ebony Magazine Editor: Hate Crimes Can’t Be Committed Against White People, Cops » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

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