SCAM: Jill Stein’s Election “Recount Cost” Supposedly SKYROCKETS Millions Of Dollars Every Time Fund Raising Goal Reached…

Green Party candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, never had a chance of winning the presidency and in fact she only managed to garner 1,395,190 votes or 1.04 percent of the total ballots cast on November 8, but that represented three-times the number she received when she ran in 2012.

But the candidate who proposed solving the unemployment crisis – with one in five American households without a single employed family member – by employing “every American willing and able to work” in renewable energy jobs to also address climate and environmental issues, has not gone the way of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and faded quietly after the election.

Stein, acting as a surrogate for defeated Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, has been raising money to fund a request for an official recount of the vote in three states: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and met the filing deadline in Wisconsin on Friday with only 90-minutes to spare.

Stein earned only 31,006 votes in Wisconsin, a state won by Donald Trump with 1,404,000 votes compared to Clinton’s 1,381,823, giving him the state’s ten electoral votes.

The recount will begin this week and must be completed by December 13.

Full story: DUBIOUS! Jill Stein’s Election Recount Cost SKYROCKETS Millions Of Dollars Every Time Fund Raising Goal Reached ⋆ US Herald

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