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Class Action Lawsuit filed against the DNC over “DNC Leaks”

The Lawsuit Is Based on the Allegation that the DNC Supported Clinton in the Primaries Rather than Remaining Neutral

So far, thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters and other voters have requested to join DNC class action lawsuit, which is being led by Beck & Lee Trial Lawyers, a civil litigation firm based in Miami.

The lawsuit is based on DNC internal emails hacked by Guccifer 2.0 which show the DNC was working behind the scenes to boost Clinton. These emails show that work starting as early as May 2015, a month after Sanders had entered the race. Jared Beck told US Uncut that Article 5 Section 4 of the Democratic Party charter and bylaws requires the chair of the DNC to stay neutral during the primaries:

<BQ>In the conduct and management of the affairs and procedures of the Democratic National Committee, particularly as they apply to the preparation and conduct of the Presidential nomination process, the Chairperson shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness as between the Presidential candidates and campaigns. The Chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process.

Class Action Lawsuit filed against DNC
The view that these criminals should have of the world.babawawa / Pixabay

The most recent leak by WikiLeaks makes it even more apparent that the DNC was working to support Clinton and not remaining neutral.

Beck is also basing the fraud lawsuit on the idea that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed neutrality, despite evidence that she may have been tipping the scales for Clinton.

Here’s How You Can Join the Lawsuit

If you donated to the DNC after Bernie Sanders entered the race, either directly or through a third-party platform like ActBlue, or if you donated to Bernie Sanders’ campaign during the primaries and caucuses, then you’re eligible to join, US Uncut reported.

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