Join The GAB Movement Now #TwitterIsDead

Gab.Ai is the next social media platform…

Gab.Ai promotes free speech as one of its founding principles. Gab.Ai so far is not taking money from any investors and is attempting to create a completely user supported platform. Users can donate to Gab.Ai whenever they want through paypal and bitcoin processes.

One good reason to join Gab.Ai is the lack of big money all over the platform.


We at The Real Strategy recently moved over to Gab.Ai and would like to thank the creators of GAB. Other platforms like Twitter and Facebook have consistently censored our content and become more of a nuisance than an encouraging platform for sharing information. has a tagline: “Free Speech For Everyone”

Visit our page once you have signed up @therealstrategy


We signed up for Gab.Ai about two days ago and the invitation to their platform came through today.

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Go to and sign up now.

Always remember to SHARE important information! We can change the world.

Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Lowest Priced Advertisements.