Journalists Arrested – Exposed Weapons Sold To ISIS

Turkish Journalists arrested for exposing the arming of ISIS by NATO members

Neonnettle reports:

Turkish journalists have been subject to arrest after they published top secret information regarding the transport of weapons from Turkish trucks to ISIS militants.

Editor-in-Chief for Cumhuriyet daily – Cumhuriyet daily Editor-in-Chief – Can Dündar and Ankara Representative Erdem Gül were arrested for “providing documents regarding security of the state”.

According to The trucks were stopped in early January, 2014, in southern Adana province while they were carrying supplies to Turkmens of Bayırbucak region northern Syria’s Latakia according to government officials. The raid against the trucks was allegedly carried out by officials linked with the controversial Gülen Movement with the purpose of undermining the government’s reputation on international area.

An investigation was launched against the raid, and while the investigation was underway, Cumhuriyet daily, later joined by several other media institutions, unlawfully published the footage regarding the content found in the raid.

Source: Turkish Journalist Arrested For Exposing Weapons Being Sold To ISIS

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