Judge Blocks DoJ’s Attempt to Cause Martial Law

City of Cleveland’s Attempt to Cause Martial Law Blocked by Judge

DoJ and City of Clevelands attempt to instigate riots and stifle free speech fails in court

Lorretta Lynch & Black Lives Matter leaders’  attempt to cause martial law seems very unlikely

Recently it came to light that the leaders of Black Lives Matter (BLM) groups were plotting with Loretta Lynch and the DoJ. They’re planning to start riots during the Republican National Convention (RNC) over the narrative that Donald Trump’s “racist” “like Hitler”. This would, of course, cause a state of emergency across the nation and prevent the November election for the Presidency.

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The City of Cleveland seemed to be working with these traitors to cause the very situation talked about in the hacked emails. The city passed restrictions on Free Speech and tried to force the violent BLM crowd to share the stage and streets with Trump Supporters during the RNC.

When an angry crowd of anti-Trump BLM “protesters” surrounded a Trump supporter and viciously attacked him, we all saw what this mix will cause.

Luckily today a judge has blocked the City of Cleveland’s attempt at instigating riots.

Cleveland.com reported:

U.S. District Judge James Gwin agreed with pro-Trump organizations represented by the ACLU which sued Cleveland to overturn its rules governing protests during the July 18-21 convention.

“The judge said the times at which people can hold parades, which is only for a few hours each day of the convention and not during the hours in which the delegates are expected to be downtown, are problematic,”


Source: Judge Blocks Cleveland’s Free Speech Restrictions on Pro-Trump Groups

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