Judge Gives David Becker Probation for Rape Charges… So He Can Go to College!

David Becker, 18, of East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, was charged with two counts of rape and one count of indecent assault, leading to a sentence of two years probation.

The former East Longmeadow High School star athlete was at a friend’s house party on April 2 when he allegedly penetrated two female High School colleagues with his fingers. But the police only got involved a week after the incident, “when a East Longmeadow High School student told school resource Officer Michael Ingalls about a rumor circulating that a high school senior had sexually assaulted two senior girls,” MassLive reports.

Once Ingalls contacted the victims, they explained they had been drinking at a friend’s home. The friend’s father had left town prior to the event, but the party broke up at 11:30 PM when the friend’s 22-year-old sister arrived and told everyone to leave.

David Becker, along with the two senior girls and another friend, remained and helped clean the house. Later, the two girls went to an upstairs bedroom to sleep. At least one of the girls needed help getting upstairs. They had consumed vodka, one of the girls told the police. Becker allegedly stepped into the room laterto talk, before they all fell asleep in the same bed.” Both girls claimed they woke up to Becker sexually assaulting them.

From Mass Live:

The other alleged victim told police that she was awoken by someone’s hand underneath her shirt on her breast, which she pushed away, before she felt a hand inside her pants on her buttocks, pushing the hand away again. After falling back asleep, she said, she awoke again when the person penetrated her with their finger.

The next day, Becker sent a text message to one of the girls allegedly apologizing for the assault. The response he received read: “don’t even worry about it.” She reportedly said what she said because “she did not know what else to say,” Ingalls stated in his report.

During a victim impact statement later, one of the two victims claimedshe did not believe jail time” was necessary.

Source: Judge Gives Teen Probation for Rape Charges So He Can Go to College

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