Julian Assange Fears Hit Team – “Cat Burglar” Scaled Wall Of Embassy

Social media users are in a panic after WikiLeaks said an unknown man had climbed the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Julian Assange has been staying for four years. Users suggested that it was probably an assassination attempt, “ordered by Clinton.”

“…At 2:47am an unknown man scaled the side wall [and the] window of the Ecuadorian embassy in London; fled after being caught by security,” a statement from WikiLeaks said early Monday morning.

An unidentified male intruder attempted to break into the Ecuadorian Sunday night, so says Internet transparency group WikiLeaks.

The “cat burglar” scaled the East wall of the embassy — where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been living since being granted asylum in 2012 — and tried to enter through a window.

The intruder was eventually discovered by security but fled the scene.


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