July 26, 2016: The Day that the DNC Died and Nobody Said Anything

The Establishment Media Didn’t Tell You About This

DNC Died When 1/2 of Convention Left During Hillary’s Nomination

Did we just miss the biggest news in our lifetimes because the Establishment Media has hidden it?

The Day the DNC Died – Mainstream reports claimed that “dozens” of people left the DNC. Some reports went so far as to say “hundreds”. When you look at the video below you will see a different story.

Why did the Democrats choose a candidate that their voters won’t elect?

The DNC was caught stealing the election from Bernie Sanders. However, Sanders still backed Hillary Clinton. His supporters booed him and eventually marched out of the Convention in protest. It turns out he was just an establishment shill and many are disillusioned.

The DNC is in it’s Death Throws

On the very same day, Black Lives Matter protesters were recorded chanting anti-Hillary slogans. It doesn’t seem that any democrats actually support Clinton.



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