Kickass Torrents Clone a Law Enforcement Honey Pot

New Kickass Torrents Clone is a Honey Pot Law Enforcement TRAP

Stay away from unless you want to go to prison.

The site KickAss Torrents was recently shut down by the Government. The former domain was After the takedown of, someone pretending to be nice created; a fully functional Kickass Torrents clone. However, after a couple of weeks, they have now REQUIRED a sign up to download torrents. If you try to register on this fake KAT they will send you to another site and ask for your credit card information, birth day, address, zip code and birthday.

I would guess that the police created this site in an effort to honey pot software pirates. If you download torrents, STAY AWAY FRO KATCR.TO!!! Or I can promise you will end up in jail.





Source: Download need for speed Torrents – Kickass Torrents

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