Kids Are Contracting Swine Flu From State Fairs

Officials say two children became ill with a new version of the flu virus after being in contact with infected pigs at a west-central Ohio county fair.

Ohio’s health and agriculture departments said Friday neither child was hospitalized. The flu is known as a variant of H3N2, which normally circulates in swine. Its symptoms are similar to seasonal flu viruses. Person-to-person spread is rare. [WCMH]

n August, the CDC confirmed variant swine flu viruses in 18 people — 16 of them children — who attended agricultural fairs in Michigan and Ohio.
When a flu virus that normally circulates in pigs is found in a person, it is called a variant virus. The largest known outbreak of this same virus, referred to as influenza A (H3N2), occurred in 2012.
Before falling sick, all 18 patients reported at least some exposure to pigs at agricultural fairs. Thirteen individuals said they’d directly touched or handled a pig, and four reported passing through a swine barn. One patient claimed indirect contact without specifying the details. [CNN]

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