“Kill Switch App” Murder By Tablet Military Doc Leaked Online

Today, DCLEAKS.COM Leaked Some Very Interesting Documents

The three caches of documents include emails, drone documents and surveillance documents.

Date: Subject:
08.25.2016 Drones
08.25.2016 Mail
08.25.2016 Surveillance Program
 tiger shark kill switch app

It appears that the “Kill Switch App” is used to control a drone used under the code name “Tigershark”. This is part of The United States “Irregular Warfare” program.

Next time you see someone with a tablet, think twice about what they could be doing.

Within them was this email:

From:   Frederick Walker <[email protected]>
Sent time:   Sun, 10 May 2015 19:28:20 -0700
To:   Rick Mercer <[email protected]>,
Antonio Morales <[email protected]>,
John Cardenas <[email protected]>,
Bryan Harris <[email protected]>,
David Preston <[email protected]>,
Landon White <[email protected]>,
William Reed <[email protected]>,
William Thayer <[email protected]>,
Dustin Bullock <[email protected]>, [email protected],
Carl Pistole <[email protected]>,
Pistole, Carl CDR NAVAIR, 4.5 <[email protected]>,
Mercer, Rick D CIV NAVAIR, 451300A <[email protected]>
Subject:   Game Plan for tomorrow (5/11/2015)

Good evening guys. Tomorrow morning, around 09:00am, Nate Depew from DPSS
(Digital Precision Strike Suite) is going to be assisting us with the “Kill
Switch” app on the 4G Tablets. He stated that the software that we
currently have loaded on our 4G Tablets are about 2 years old, so he’s also
going to help us with updating the software. So we’ll make sure that we
have AV071 ready prior to him arriving. We also have frequencies from
7:00am-7:00pm, so we’ll take advantage of that and make sure that AV071 is
running good prior to Wendsday’s scheduled 4G Flight.

Secondly, Commander Pistole is wanting us to come up with a different name
for the Tiger Shark. So if you guys have any ideas, let us know. I hope
everyone is doing well.

*Frederick Walker*

*Commercial Pilot / [email protected]
<[email protected]>Special Surveillance Programs & *
*Irregular Warfare*

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