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How Many People Do You Think Are Killed By Police Each Year?

Have you ever met a killer cop? How many cops have killed someone?
A cop is killed by a citizen once every 58 hours.
A citizen is killed by a cop once every 8 hours.
Remembering the deaths of just 8 of the victims of police brutality in 2015 not covered by national news and mainstream media.

January 1 – Robert Lawrence

Citizen Murder - White Man Robert Earl Lawrence

Late Dec. 30 in Dothan, Alabama – 30-year-old Robert Earl Lawrence was shot and killed by police.  Lawrence died a couple days after the shooting.  This was reported little over New Years Eve and New Years day 2015.

When police arrived on the animal shelter where Robert Lawrence was bringing a stray cat, Lawrence was hassled by them for several minutes about his ID.  Police then informed him that he was being placed under arrest, but when Lawrence attempted to resist, he was shot.

Alabama’s Dotham Police Dpt. refuse to release the name of the officer.  Press release from the Chief states no charges will be filed against the shooter.

Another activist shot down by police.  Lawrence stood for animal rights and sovereignty.  He is made out to be a wack job by almost everyone.


February 19 – Mario Valencia (Recovering)

Citizen Murder - Hispanic Man Mario Valencia

The incident was recorded February 19 on the dashcam of two Marana police cars that were following the suspect, Mario Valencia.  Officer Rapiejko says, “I did what I had to do.”

Video from Officer Michael Rapiejko’s camera shows the officer running the man over and the windshield smashing as the car hits the wall.  Marana’s police chief has praised Rapiejko’s actions and said he may have saved the lives of Valencia and others. The officer was cleared by the prosecutor’s office and returned to work after a three-day leave, police said.

March 24 – Enoch Gaver

Citizen Murder - White Man Enoch Gaver

The Gaver family, a traveling Christian band, brawled with the cops over some nonsense that started with a Walmart employee, most likely about the family playing their music.

The family did not back down as police officers tried to subdue them.  This video is INSANE.  Cops end up shooting two of the Gaver family. Enoch Gaver 21 yrs. old was fatally shot, and Jeremiah  Gaver 28 yrs. old was shot in the stomach but lived.

It appears Enoch Gaver was left on the ground dead over night as this picture was taken the following morning and the video below was filmed around 10pm the prior night.

Citizen Murder - White Man Enoch Gaver Left Over Night

No police officers were charged with a crime nor harmed in the making of this video.

April 8 – Keaton Farris

Citizen Murder - White Man Keaton Ferris

Keaton Farris was deprived of food and water until he died in police custody.  Forgotten about in his jail cell at the Island County Jail, Keaton was found dead just after midnight.  The coroner ruled the death as a combination of starvation and dehydration.

The jailhouse guards covered up the death and no one was ever charged with a single crime.  Keaton Farris was arrested for trying to cash a bad check…

May 30 – Nehemiah Fischer

Citizen Murder - White Man Nehemiah Fischer

Nehemiah Fischer, a pastor, was shot 3 times by police.  Nehemiah and his brother, Brandon Fischer were in a truck that was flooded and being swept away by the waters.  State troopers came to the scene where the two brothers were trying to save their truck.

The Troopers joked about the situation, and then began screaming like lunatics at the brothers to get out of the water.  Dash cam footage caught it all.  The situation was not as dangerous as it seems, there were quite a few vehicles that drove right through the waters, it was only a foot or two deep.

The brothers became fed up with the officers screaming and as the officers challenged them they accepted. In the video, you can hear the officers discover Pastor Fischer’s handgun almost a minute after they shot him.  Officials say Troopers Mark Southall and Michael Taylor will not be charged in the death of Nehemiah Fischer.

June 19 – Walter DeLeon (Recovering)

Citizen Murder - Hispanic Man Walter Deleon

Walter Deleon was walking home from work on June 19.  At some point Mr. Deleon was in a state of emergency and waved down police with his white rag that he uses to wipe his sweat.

A bystander video taped LAPD officer Cairo Palacios and his [unidentified] partner handcuffing Walter DeLeon after Palacios critically shot DeLeon in the face and the chest.

More on this story here.

July 26 – Zachary Hammond

Citizen Murder - White Teen Killed - Zachary Hammond

Nineteen-year-old Zachary Hammond was on a date July 26 when he was fatally shot by a police officer while in parking lot at a Hardee’s fast-food restaurant in Seneca, South Carolina, according to Eric Bland, the attorney representing the teen’s family.

Murdered by Lt. Mark Tiller. Tiller is a 10-year veteran of law enforcement and has been with the Seneca Police Department since January 2010. He has not received any disciplinary action during his time with Seneca police, according to Covington.

Citizen Murder - White Teen Zachary Hammond

Months Have Passed.  Still no video.  Only small clip from witness one block away.

August 11 – Dillon Taylor

Citizen Murder - White Man Dillon Taylor

The incident occurred in Salt Lake City on Aug. 11 outside of a local 7-eleven where a police officer approached unarmed 20-year-old Dillon Taylor. Unlike the incident in Ferguson, a lapel cam on the officer caught the entire sequence of events.

Officer Bron Cruz had claimed he feared Taylor was reaching for a gun in his waistband and feared for his life. He was cleared of any wrongdoing in late September.


For a full list of citizens killed by cops visit KilledByPolice.Net



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