DISTURBING VIDEO – L.A. Sheriff Unloads Clip into Man’s Back

By Lestado Codicus | December 13, 2015

Video circulating on Social Media shows Los Angeles Sheriff Unload his Entire Clip into Man’s Back and then keep shooting him while trying to crawl away.

Sheriff stalks man who is walking away and then shoots him in the back several times. The murderer then continues to unload into the man as he tries to crawl away from his killer. 

The murderer emptied his entire clip into man’s back.

28 Year Old Nicholas Robertson was murdered by Los Angeles County Sheriffs. Will anyone answer for this crime?

This shit pisses me off. I’m so tired of hearing about/ seeing these outright murders every day. Meanwhile, the government wants to disarm the citizens and remain unaccountable.

Situations like this are both why they want our guns, and why we cannot give them up. They want us defenseless so that they can shoot us in our backs if we don’t listen to them.

Of course, I am just using the police as an example here. It is the Government that trains these police to shoot unarmed civilians. It is the Government that wants power over every American. It is the Government that believes you should die if you don’t follow orders.

Police need to be held accountable for their actions. If this hadn’t been filmed by witnesses, I can guarantee that the officers involved would have lied about everything and gotten away with it. I don’t hate police but I do hate evil. Had I been there I would have shot that officer rather than film a murder of an innocent man. It is your responsibility to protect others. By being complacent with police corruption, you are part of the problem.

This is why I have guns and will never relinquish them. Establishment, never forget that we are watching you. You will be held accountable for everything. Your badge and your title will not protect you from justice.

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