BREAKING: NEW LA Times Poll – Trump Leads Hillary by 5 POINTS!

Trump Leads Hillary by 5 Points in New Poll.

The Hillary campaign is in shambles and new polls prove it. L.A. Times latest poll shows Trump leads Hillary by 5 points. That is huge since we all know that L.A. Times polls are always incredibly slanted.

Hillary is in a nosedive. What tricks will she pull next to get out of it?

Trump faced off against Hillary at the first debate.
Many expected Trump to come out swinging like an unhinged madman.

That’s not what happened.

Trump was calm, thoughtful and measured.

He showed amazing restraint and grace in the face of lies and biased moderating.

Trump also was able to successfully showcase his America First plan, where the needs of ALL AMERICANS come before refugees, illegals, and foreign interests.

Hillary represents the same thing we’ve got now.

A stagnant economy, global politics, and dangerous progressive ideologies.

Trump is the candidate of CHANGE.

America is ready for Trump’s America First CHANGE, as shown by the daily LA Times National poll where Trump leads by 5 points!

Source: BREAKING : NEW LA Times Poll Trump Leads Hillary by 5 POINTS! – TruthFeed

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