LAPD Braces For Race War When Trump Wins

While not overtly ramping things up as much as the New York Police Department is tonight on the East Coast, the Los Angeles Police Department has quietly put in place plans to counter any disturbances on the streets if GOP nominee Donald Trump is elected president.
“The polite thing to say is that this is not unusual, but this has been a very unusual election,” said a senior law enforcement official with knowledge of tonight’s LAPD plans.  “We are ready to go into riot mode if required, if the order comes.”

“Tempers are frayed in a number of our communities from the inflammatory language and policies that some have proposed,” the official added, noting that minority-dominated neighborhoods in East L.A. and South L.A. are of concern. “If the outcome sees Mr. Trump elected, measures are in place to maintain calm, if need be.”

The source added that there had been no indications of any unrest so far today in L.A. With that, the Department of Homeland Security is also said to have beefed up contingency plans for tonight in Los Angeles and several other major U.S. cities.


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