Laquan Mcdonald Murdered by Police: DashCam Released

District manager at Burger King publicly announced that the Chicago Police Department “Deleted” 86 minutes of surveillance footage.

Laquan McDonald Shot
Laquan McDonald, 17 years old, was shot 16 times by Chicago police officer, Jason Van Dike. Another citizen murdered by the police. Laquan was shot in the middle of an intersection in the evening of Oct. 20, 2014.

The officers received a report that an unidentified person was “breaking into cars” and responded to the scene. There was a standoff between police and Laquan McDonald ongoing when officer Jason Van Dike arrived in his SUV. Officers say Laquan had a knife in his hand.

Van Dike jumped out of his SUV, gun drawn, Laquan began walking away, and was gunned down. When Laquan McDonald hit the ground he was shot continuously, over and over.

Breakthrough in the pattern: Jason Van Dike has been indicted for 1st degree murder.

This is the first time an on duty police officer in Chicago has been charged with murder. Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said she had, “Decided weeks ago to charge Van Dyke but was holding off until federal authorities completed their part of the joint investigation.”

Chicago Police deny any “Audio” is in the dashcam but ABC has received a copy of the video from the State Attorney and they say “The Dashcam Video DOES have Audio”

The dashcam video is below.

District Manager at Burger King says Chicago police “Deleted” over an hour of surveillance footage from all of their cameras.

Shortly after the shooting, when Laquan McDonald was shot, Chicago police entered the Burger King nearest to the scene. The officers requested the password to the surveillance system, which was approved by the district manager. The employees provided the password and left the police alone to view the footage.

After three hours of alone time with the footage from the Burger King cameras, the police left, and apparently the footage of the incident disappeared. The next day it was confirmed by the district manager of the Burger King that there was 86 minutes of footage erased from the recordings on all cameras surrounding and inside of the establishment.

Chicago Police are perhaps the “Most” corrupt police in America

There have been several cases of torcher by Chicago police over the past few decades. Most recently, over 7,000 people were “disappeared” from Chicago streets and taken to an off the grid police headquarters, where unbelievable amounts of torcher, police brutality, extortion, fraud and violence occurred.

Police Disappeared 7,000 People in Chicago

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