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The “war on terror” should be getting somewhere now? It’s about time! Yeah, right…An American drone killed the guy we wanted off the face of the Earth! Well we should really think about having drones everywhere now right? I once heard, “The first American to shoot down a government drone will immediately become a nationally recognized patriot.”

The purpose of this article is to simply expose the ridiculous condition of the mainstream media’s position on U.S. global politics and war.

taliban leader laughable dead
As the image above depicts, “taliban leader dead” was the headline this morning. I found my RSS feed littered with this garbage. As you can see there are near 6 million results rendered from that search on google. I saw the headline this morning at least 50 times. Disgusted, I created this article to shed some light on the truth here. We all know there will be two heads growing back from this supposed death, if there even was a terrorist leader who was killed.

In real news.

The Pope just this week compared ISIS’ global conquest to Jesus and his discipleship. The same mainstream media outlets people are used to reading showcased the Popes speech as “multicultural” and “secular” – [from a religious leader…] But was it?

The Pope did that, yes. Read about it here. Full speech here.

The United States has funded the “mujaheddin” since the 1980’s. The mujaheddin are “holy fighters” mentioned in the Koran who will take over the Earth…etc..(In other words, all islamic terrorists believe they are the mujaheddin.)Learn about this history here.

The United States started this generations major terrorist movement and funds the growth of it, yes. The fear mongering beat goes on.

Still, mainstream media drools headlines like “Taliban Leader Dead”, “ISIS Leader Dead”, etc…to ensure the American people believe there is some righteous purpose behind our multifaceted involvement in global conflicts. Though notice there are no more parades that welcome our troops home as there used to be. Americans are being taught to accept a constant state of war. As world leaders have shown us, and blatantly made public, the United States, United Nations, the Pope, etc… all support Islamic takeover of the Earth. They need the public to accept a constant flux of conflict and want to pacify any and all push back from that agenda.


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