Leaked Memo: Soros Foundation Paid for Stronger Internet Regulation in TPP

George Soros Bribed People for Stronger Internet Regulations in TPP

A leaked document from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations reveals the organization was seeking to influence the positions of Latin American governments in negotiating the Transpacific Partnership Agreement, or TTP.

Soros’s organization does not appear to support the TPP outright, but expressed interest in influencing the sweeping internationalist treaty, including the treaty’s positions on Internet regulation.

The document reveals the Foundations provided a grant to a Latin American group under the project title “Promotion of Human Rights Standards in Latin American Internet Regulation.” A description of the purpose of the grant, which was for $66,920, states a main goal was to impact TTP negotiations, especially related to Internet regulation in the draft international agreement.

The funds, approved April 2013, were awarded to ONG Derechos Digitales, a nonprofit based in Chile focused on public interest and technology.

In the “Objectives and Goals” section, the memo, referring to the TTP as the TTPA, states:

Advocate for the protection of human rights standards in the Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA): provide technical assistance to negotiators of Latin American countries (Chile, Peru, and Mexico) of the TPPA; raise awareness about the TPPA in the Spanish-speaking countries.

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