Legalized Marijuana Encouraging Teen Usage? Think Again!

Legalized Marijuana doesn’t increase Teenage use of the plant

Ever since the advent news of progressive movements towards the legalization of Marijuana, there have been rumors and speculations amongst people, arguing that legalized Marijuana might in turn cause underage children or teenagers to use Marijuana more frequently than usual.

As it turns out, their fears were wrong. A very thorough study published in The Lancet Psychiatry established that there have been no significant changes in the Marijuana usage pattern amongst adolescents in any of the 21 states which incorporate the Legalized Marijuana Laws.

Was this study solid you ask? Well it is! Apparently this study was conducted using data’s spanning more than 24 years collected from over a million teenagers in 48 states.

One Deborah Hasin, A Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University Medical Center in New York reviewed the established data and contrasted them between teenagers in the range of 13-18 from 1991 to 2014, after his findings he commented-

“Our findings provide the strongest evidence to date that marijuana use by teenagers does not increase after a state legalizes medical marijuana. Rather, up to now, in the states that passed medical marijuana laws, adolescent marijuana use was already higher than in other states. Because early adolescent use of marijuana can lead to many long term harmful outcomes, identifying the factors that actually play a role in adolescent use should be a high priority.”

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