Let’s Hear It for More White House Leaks

By Gary North

The White House is leaking like a sieve. Why should conservatives worry about this?

The federal government does everything it can to increase the secrecy of its operations. It invades our privacy, but it whines when any of the rest of us invade the privacy of government bureaucrats.

I am all in favor of WikiLeaks. I think WikiLeaks should be nonpartisan. I think it should expose anything that does not directly affect national security. In any case, the main thing that affects national security is America’s meddling in other nations’ affairs. We could reduce the threat of attacks on the United States by reducing American meddling in foreign nations’ affairs.

President Trump has complained about the number of leaks. This is good news. He seems unable to stop the leaks.

Leaks undermine the Presidency. That was why I was in favor of them during Obama’s administration. He was a master at controlling leaks. So was George W. Bush. That was bad for the American public generally. We needed more leaks regarding what both administrations were planning for America. We lost the war in Iraq, and we are losing the war in Afghanistan precisely because Bush was able to control the leaks associated with the unnecessary and illegal invasions of both nations. Congress went along with both invasions. But Congress, as always, did not follow the Constitution and declare war against these nations. It has not declared war against a nation since the declaration of war against Germany on December 11, 1941. Germany had already declared war on the United States.

The government loves to use this phrase: “Honest people have nothing to worry about when the government invades their privacy.” I think it is time for Americans to adopt the same response: “An honest President’s administration has nothing to fear from leaks.”

The existence of these leaks testifies to the fact that the American deep state is secretly monitoring the telephone calls of high American officials. This is a good thing. High American officials should get used to it. They don’t care when the deep state monitors the general public, so why should the general public care when the deep state monitors high-level officials in Washington?

This is called turnabout. Turnabout is fair play.

The American elite delights in the fact that the government invades the privacy of American citizens. The elite pushes us around, and it has a great time doing it. Why should we care if the White House is embarrassed by various forms of skullduggery committed by senior members of the White House? This keeps the White House on the defensive. Anything that keeps any branch of government on the defensive is positive.

Every time that the NSA or the CIA places a bug on the telephone of a White House official, the time involved and the money involved are being put to good use. The time and money are not being applied to monitoring private citizens, whose lives have been invaded by the deep state since 1946.

I think members of the White House staff should live in constant fear of being monitored. That would be positive. They deserve the same degree of fear and outrage that the rest of us suffer. Why let them off the hook?

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