Lindsay Blanc Duct Taped Kindergarten Students as Punishment

The Duct Taped Kindergarten Students


“You get duct tape over your eyes and mouth if you are bad. The white van then picks you up and then you go to the office.”
– a child reported in a witness statement.

Lindsay Blanc a music teacher at Potter Elementary duct taped kindergarten students as punishment…This is the result of a society that has gone awry.  The children in the kindergarten class say they were all horrified of “Miss Blanc”.

It seems that the teachers now a days have been a little too stressed out at work…This is not a joke.  It happened. Tampa Bay, FL investigators broke the case wide open when one of Blanc’s duct taped kindergarten students spilled the beans.  Nearly every student in her class had experienced some type of trauma from the events.

Unfortunately, our education system & justice system are ridiculously bogged down and “Miss Blanc” the duct tape wielding teacher was only suspended.

Someone needs to do something about this.  Apparently the allegations are being investigated further, and as the story unfolds police want to be cautious of the charges to make sure they stick.  This sounds like the teacher is being given a slap on the wrist. Though, several of the duct taped kindergarten students are receiving counseling now.  Some students are having nightmares, and some parents are considering high profile lawsuits against the State of Florida.

At least 19 students made claims of being duct taped as punishment.  “Miss Blanc” would wrap the duct tape around the children’s heads covering their eyes and mouths.  So long as Lindsay Blanc is only suspended, she remains eligible to teach again.  Although the district is moving for a complete severance, the efforts to bring about justice just aren’t being seen here.

The Teacher

“Lindsay Blanc” of the Hillsborough County school department, Potter Elementary.  Music teacher.  This wasn’t the first time she was caught abusing students.

And to think the picture below displays a sociopath who could end up teaching your child. Ridiculous. Share this story with EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

Duct Taped Kindergarten Students




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