3,976,588 People Died from Lung Cancer – American Globalists Let it Happen! Lung Cancer Cure in Cuba for 25 years!

Lung Cancer Comparison

Lung Cancer: CURED?

Globalists suppress CIMAVAX to further depopulation agenda. Bigpharma sells junk to cancer patients.  Here is a list of the Trillion Dollar Oligarchy known as Big Pharma.  In 1995 Congress approved legislation – signed into law by President Bill Clinton – “to encourage relationships between industry and the CDC”, that allows drug companies to donate unlimited funds to the CDC directly influencing which drugs get approved and denied, published and suppressed.

Lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide, accounting for 1.6 million deaths in 2012 alone.   158,040 Americans are expected to die from lung cancer in 2015.  The CDC reports cancer as the #2 leading cause of death in America second to heart disease. The graph to the right is a comparison of cancer types that amount to this staggering #2 position.

The United States has had an embargo on Cuba since 1961 when the CIA attempted to overthrow Fidel Castro.  This led to the most heated tension of the Cold War – The Cuban Missile Crisis.  Although historians claim the Cold War ended in 1991, in 1992 George Bush senior’s presidency brought tighter sanctions and then Clinton further tightened the grip in 1996.


1992 – Cuba Democracy Act (Tightens embargo against Cuba)

1992 – First studies published about CIMAVAX

1992 – Congress creates “CDC FOUNDATION” – Effectively solidifying Big Pharma and the CDC’s relationship.

1995 – Non-Profit “CDC Foundation” Begins Campaigning Big Pharma 

1996 – Helms Burta Act (Tightens embargo against Cuba)

Ironic or Brutal? The Counsel of Foreign relations reports that the U.S. / Cuba embargo was adjusted to allow U.S. export of certain medicines into Cuba?  Meanwhile the lung cancer cures developed in Cuba were kept from the American people.

American Cancer Society statistics PROVE National Institute of Cancer has been hiding data and manipulating statistics.

Lung Cancer 25 years of Data

Who’s Lying? NCI claims deaths dropping over the past decades but ACS shows different numbers.

National Cancer Institute Data Here:


American Cancer Society Data Here: 




The following graph was created with NCI data until 2013 where ACS data is input. This clearly shows how the American people are being lied to on so many levels. Manipulated statistics claim advancements in science have reduced deaths, yet that has been debunked, and meanwhile the real advancement CIMAVAX invented in 1990 by Cuban scientists has been withheld from millions of families.

Data totals amount to 4 million according to NCI but, ACS data could prove even more people have died of lung cancer since 1990. This year is important because it is the year Cuba discovered CIMAVAX, a drug that stops tumors from growing completely. Doctors in Cuba claim CIMAVAX turns lung cancer into a “managable illness.”


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