Magic Passports Survived Explosions – Paris False Flag?

By Lestado Codicus | November 14, 2015

Was Terror Attack a False Flag?

Terrorist attack happened day before G20 Summit in Paris. Now France is locked down under Martial Law.

Before I begin, I feel that I must clarify: “false flag” does not mean that the event was faked. It simply means that it was an “inside job” done to accomplish the goals of a Government or another Cabal of people. I am saddened that over 150 people lost their lives in a horrific slaughter. However, the elites created ISIS and allowed the refugee crisis to continue until something finally happened. And it did.

Now, conveniently, French Police have recovered Magic Passports at the scene of 2 suicide bombings. Apparently we are to believe that they were legal immigrants and their PAPER Passports were fire and concussion proof. This conveniently redirects the blame from the migrant crisis and the Governments that allowed it to continue.

Interestingly, this is very similar to how they allegedly identified the 9/11 hijackers… Passports that could withstand enough heat to supposedly melt steel I-Beams and enough concussive power to bring down the Twin Towers… Thus the phrase “magic passports”. Of course, anyone who uses critical thinking would know that none of that adds up.

On Friday the 13th, in Paris, terror “drills” were being held by the French government. Another pattern that seems to repeat itself throughout the world during every false flag.

Watch this video because it has some interesting information in it. More information below.

Paper is not fireproof and it would be SHREDDED by a concussive blast so close to the body of a suicide bomber. Science says that the French Government’s story is a lie. It is also interesting to note that the attacks were launched the day before the G20 Summit in Paris.

If you don’t already know, the G20 is a group of Globalist Elites (the ones pushing for Global Governance) who meet regularly to ILLEGALLY discuss policies of the leading nations in the world. They are violating the LOGAN ACT by doing so without the official approval of their Governments. That is a Felony and these criminals should be thrown in prison, not allowed to rule us.

Some people talk about Illuminati but groups like the G20, G8, O5, CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and Bilderberg are the main ones pulling the strings in Globalist Cabal. These aristocrats are held above the law and are treated as if they are immune to prosecution because THEY ARE. Local police always lock down the city that they are meeting in and use YOUR TAX MONEY to offer the Globalists protection and secrecy. The only way they will ever be held accountable for their crimes is through Revolution. If not a violent Revolution, a Revolution of thought and society; a Revolution is needed either way. Things must change or we will remain their slaves forever.


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